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Dungeon Craft - Castles & Keeps book

Which side are you fighting for? Hundreds of pieces fill the Castle & Keeps Book, ready to help you populate an entire castle from the guards all the way to the humble merchants. There are knights to defend your castle, and orcs and their ilk ready to lay siege to it - or will it be the other way around?

With completely new buildings such as watchtowers, barracks, warehouses and armories, you can give your players an immersive experience. Is your tower on fire? No problem - there are intact, burning and destroyed versions of each building.

Gates and giant walls are included to help keep the enemy at bay, and catapults are ready to drive fear into your enemies! With orc generals, captains, ogre brutes and knights, you can create any kind of scene to inspire your adventurers to take up arms and contribute to the war!

Worried about taxes? There are also royal corridors and chambers to search! Give your players an immersive experience with full-color tiles, all of which are reversible and compatible with wet and dry erase. Fully compatible with City and Turned Earth map packs.

Master the art of 2-D terrain!

Pieces can be cut out and placed on any battle card with a one inch grid. The pages are durable cardboard with a laminate coating to make the pages water-resistant and dry/wet-erase.

Sale price$48.00 USD
NordicDice Accessories, bøger etc Dungeon Craft - Castles & Keeps book
Dungeon Craft - Castles & Keeps book Sale price$48.00 USD