NordicDice Dungeon Craft bundleNordicDice Dungeon Craft bundle
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Dungeon Craft bundle

$210.00 USD $288.00 USD
NordicDice Glimmer bundleNordicDice Glimmer bundle
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Glimmer bundle

$44.00 USD $58.00 USD
NordicDice regnbueNordicDice regnbue
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Regnbue Bundle

$175.00 USD $211.00 USD
NordicDice warhammer d6 dice bundleNordicDice warhammer d6 dice bundle
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warhammer d6 dice bundle

$84.00 USD $105.00 USD
NordicDice Complete halloween bundleNordicDice Complete halloween bundle
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Complete halloween bundle

$105.00 USD $125.00 USD
NordicDice Spooky bundleNordicDice Spooky bundle
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Spooky bundle

$38.00 USD $46.00 USD

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Dice for your table

At nordicdice you can find a wide selection of dice for dnd. We have both standard sets and loose dice for sale. All our dice are perfect for role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and magic and gathering.

You can find a large selection of metal, patterned gems or more general dice on our website. Choose the dice that suit you.