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Deck of Stories Genesis Box

World building has never been easier. With the Genesis Box, you can create a legendary adventure for your RPG adventures in 15 minutes. Tell the story you want by choosing a single card to ignite the imagination, or by combining multiple cards to create an in-depth story. You can determine the complexity of each moment without having to strain your brain!

The Genesis Box contains three carefully selected and crafted card options - sensory cards that help create dynamic and memorable moments, story cards that help create, heighten or resolve a story line, and pre-generated character cards that come complete with colorful illustrations. All three of these card types fit seamlessly into your world - they just need you to pick them up and put them together.

With the Deck of Stories ORC Storytelling System, you can pick and choose your cards based on whether you need an opening act, a moment of rising action, or a jolt of climactic action! At the bottom of each card is a hook that allows you to create an idea for potential conflict and some suggested next steps to round out your story.

Plan a course for endless possibilities!

Genesis Box contains:

Deck of Stories Vol 1
NPC Boosters 1 & 2
18 exclusive sensory cards
Sale price$60.00 USD