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Critical Role Unpainted Miniature Uk'otoa Boxed

Fresh off its debut during The Mighty Nein Reunited special, Critical Role Unpainted Miniatures: Uk'otoa brings an unpainted version of the tabletop miniature directly to your collection primed and ready to paint! This gargantuan miniature features 3 pieces; head, midsection, and tail, all on their own bases that can be posed or positioned all over the battlefield as the rest of the impossibly long serpent coils beneath the waves. The head, bearing down on its prey, or rewarding those that set it free, stands nearly 5 inches tall. The massive tail curves out of the water, looking to drag someone below, and can hold 1 unlucky medium creature on a 25mm base.  

Whether joining forces with The Mighty Nein to take on this impossible foe, or facing off with them in a race to release the beast yourself, Uk'otoa makes a great addition to any Exandria campaign. This behemoth is a great centerpiece for your collection and is compatible with most popular tabletop RPGs!  

Key Features:

- Unpainted Uk'otoa's Head (75mm base)
- Unpainted Uk'otoa's Midsection (75mm base)
- Unpainted Uk'otoa's Tail (50mm base)

This is a 2-count miniature pack.

Salgspris683,00 DKK