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Lunar Constellation RPG Dice Set - 12 Set

A set of constellation role playing dice perfect for your role playing table. In this set there are 12 pieces. RPG dice, each with their own constellation designed on them.

The dice are typically used for the board role-playing games Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu, etc. 

The set contains the 12 dice:
3 x d20, d12, 2 x d10 (1 percentage), d8, 4 x d6, d4  

Note As they are resin cubes, there may be variation in the color and intensity of the cubes. 

Sale price159,00 DKK
NordicDice Akryl og Resin Lunar moon rollespilsterningesæt - 12 set
Lunar Constellation RPG Dice Set - 12 Set Sale price159,00 DKK