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Dipping ink 17 ml - Glorious Magenta Dip

Dipping Inks in 17mlDipping ink is a specialized paint product designed by Green Stuff World to streamline the miniature painting process, particularly in the context of speed painting systems for miniatures. This unique solution offers miniature enthusiasts and hobbyists an efficient way to achieve striking and realistic results with minimal effort.At its core, dipping ink is formulated as a semi-transparent acrylic paint, specifically engineered to expedite the shading and highlighting steps of miniature painting. When applied over a base coat of acrylic priming paint, it enables miniature painters to rapidly create authentic shadows and depth with just a single application. Using a light-colored or white primer before applying them, is a critical step in achieving high-quality results in your miniature and figure painting projects. It enhances adhesion, color accuracy, contrast colors, and overall finish quality, ensuring that your miniatures look their best on the gaming table or display shelf.This makes it an ideal tool for those employing speed painting techniques, where the goal is to color your miniatures quickly while maintaining a high level of visual impact.What truly sets these fast painting paints apart is their unmatched precision and control, ensuring consistent coverage that yields remarkable results. With this exceptional tool at your disposal, you have the power to transform your miniatures into captivating masterpieces. Not only will they enhance your gaming experience, but they'll also be a testament to your exceptional painting skills, shining brilliantly on the battlefield or in your collection.In the realm of miniature painting, the 17ml Dipping ink format provides the right balance between convenience and utility, allowing painters to cover a substantial number of figures without the need for frequent replenishment. Whether you're a hobbyist looking to assemble an army or an enthusiast seeking to complete intricate dioramas efficiently, these model paints in the 17ml format offer a versatile and time-saving solution that enhances your ability to create visually stunning miniatures. It's a must-have tool for those embracing the speed painting system and seeking to elevate the quality of their figure painting endeavors.This offer includes 1x 17ml dropper bottle

Sale price20,00 DKK Regular price39,00 DKK
NordicDice Paint Dipping ink 17 ml - Glorious Magenta Dip
Dipping ink 17 ml - Glorious Magenta Dip Sale price20,00 DKK Regular price39,00 DKK