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Blue moon - RPG dice gem

For the adventurer who seeks the magic of the elements in every roll of the dice, "blue moon - Roleplaying Dice Gemstone" is presented. A fusion of classic beauty and imaginative artistry created especially for the discerning Dungeons & Dragons player.

Luxurious Aesthetics: Crafted from the finest blue cateye and framed with blue shimmer, these dice shine like a twilight sky, giving your game a touch of glamor and spell.

🔮 For the Golden Player: Designed for those who want to stand out, these dice will make your presence known on the gaming table and add a rich history to your character's fairy tale.

🐉 Take Your Game to Golden Heights: Every decision, every battle, every moment of magic deserves dice that match the grandeur of the adventure. With these dice, your game will never be the same..

The dice are made of precious stones so roll them on a soft underside as they can split.

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