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Blue Moonlight - Glass dice

When the blue glow of the night casts its light over the world of fairy tales, there is nothing more enchanting than the glimmer of a "Blue Moonlight - Glass dice". 

Midnight Enchantment: This dice captures the gentle blue glow of the moon, bringing a sense of calm, mystery and the magic of the night right to your gaming table.

🌌 Essence of the Night: With a design inspired by the starry sky and the gentle glow of the moon, this dice will add a dreamy atmosphere to your epic adventures.

🐉 Your Faithful Companion: Whether you're facing a fearsome monster or trying to outwit a wily opponent, this dice will be by your side, glowing with the gentle power of the moon.

Sale price891,00 NOK
NordicDice Blåt månelys - glasterning
Blue Moonlight - Glass dice Sale price891,00 NOK