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BattleMap: Grasslands

Take your tabletop adventures to the spacious lawns! Measuring 24"x33" and featuring 1" squares with textures to match our Dungeon Craft books, these cards are the perfect addition for anyone looking to elevate their RPG experience.

Each card is laminated with a premium waterproof gloss lamination, meaning each card is both wet erase and dry erase compatible. Whether you're battling trickster fever or making deals with a mage in a secluded forest, you'll be able to give your players an immersive experience they won't forget!

We know that a good card is a popular item in any DM's tabletop collection, and we pride ourselves on both the quality of our product and its versatility. You deserve to have a setup that is both practical and great.

Also because Battle Map: Grasslands is compatible with our Dungeon Craft Vol. In Book, you'll be able to escort your party through fully customizable terrain, allowing any scene in your mind to come to life before you in your campaign.
Sale price268,00 NOK
NordicDice Accessories, bøger etc BattleMap: Grasslands
BattleMap: Grasslands Sale price268,00 NOK