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Textured Paint - Martian - Fluor Red 30ml

Textured Paint - Martian - Fluor Red 30mlMartian Texture Acrylic Paste 30 ml by Green Stuff World, is an exceptionally versatile product that has become a must-have for modelers, hobbyists, and creative craft enthusiasts.
This textured acrylic paint has gained popularity thanks to its ability to transform your bases for miniatures, dioramas, and a wide range of art projects into true masterpieces of realism.With its rich shade, this texturing paste allows you to perfectly recreate the appearance of martian textures on diorama bases, scenes, or vignettes.
High-quality formula and dense consistency allow you to apply it with precision, modeling terrains ranging from arid deserts to lush rural landscapes.The versatility of this textured paints is further highlighted by its ability to adhere firmly to a variety of surfaces, such as plastic, resin, wood, and more.
This makes it an ideal choice for customizing and bringing life to your miniatures, models, and dioramas.It allows you to texturize and color a surface with a single application in the desired thickness.
It dries quickly, which speeds up the work process and allows you to move forward with your project efficiently. Whether you are creating an epic battle scene, a tranquil rural landscape or detailed scenery for your miniatures, this texturing paste is the perfect tool to add that touch of authenticity that will make your projects stand out.
Discover the world of creative possibilities that Green Stuff World Martian Texturing Paste offers you and elevate your crafts and creations to an impressive level of realism.Dries in 5-30 minutes depending on the thickness of the application.
Tools can be cleaned with water. Contains 1 bottle of 30ml textured aste

Sale price€8,95 EUR
NordicDice Paint Textured Paint - Martian - Fluor Red 30ml
Textured Paint - Martian - Fluor Red 30ml Sale price€8,95 EUR