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Quartz Gemstone dice - Bard

Every great tale deserves a die to match its beauty and drama. "Quartz Gem dice - Bard," is tailored for the Dungeons & Dragons player who wants to unite the melodies of music and the magic of adventure.

Elegant Aesthetics: Cut from pure quartz, this dice captures light and attention with its natural luster and jewel-like beauty.

🎶 Bard's Choice: With a design that celebrates the art of the bard, this dice is perfect for conjuring enchanting melodies and epic tales in your game.

🐉 Your Adventurous Partner: Whether you're standing on a grand stage or exploring a forgotten dungeon, this dice will be by your side, ready to bring the bard's magic to life.

Give your adventures the elegance and enchantment that only "Quartz Precious Stone dice - Bard" can offer. 

Sale price€67,95 EUR
NordicDice Kvarts ædelstensterning - Bard
Quartz Gemstone dice - Bard Sale price€67,95 EUR