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Elver runes - Starry sky

Step into a world where the past meets the future and magic meets mystery. "Elvish runes - Moonlight," is tailored for the most avid Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast.

Secrets of the Stars: Inspired by the dazzling beauty of the night sky, these runes are characterized by complex patterns that reflect the ancient wisdom of the stars.

🌌 A Deeper Connection: Each rune represents a unique magical essence, created to connect the player more deeply with their character and the mystical DnD universe.

🐉 Add Magic to Your Game: Whether you're a spellcaster seeking divine inspiration or a warrior seeking the guidance of the stars, these runes will transform your DnD experience.

Let "Elever Runer - Starry Sky" be your companion through countless adventures, filled with mystery and wonder.  

The dice is made of moonstone. 

Sale price€67,95 EUR
NordicDice Elever runer - stjernehimmel
Elver runes - Starry sky Sale price€67,95 EUR