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Rivers Rainbow Glass - Role Playing Dice

Through the mists of time, where the power of the elements meets the colors of the imagination, the "Elvish Rainbow Glass " dice are found. Designed for the Dungeons & Dragons player who seeks magic in every roll.

Spectrum of Beauty: These dice capture the dance of light and refract it into a myriad of colors, like a rainbow captured in crystal.

🌈 The Enchantment of the Elements: Inspired by the timeless magic of students and the changing colors of nature, these dice bring a unique combination of aesthetics and power to your gaming table.

🐉 Your Colorful Adventure: With the "Student Rainbow Glass" dice in your hand, your adventures will become even more vivid, filled with light, magic and endless possibilities.

Enter a world where every roll of the dice is a sweeping spectacle of color. 

As they are made of glass, it is recommended to roll on a soft surface, as they may break.

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