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Dungeon Craft - Volume 1

The “Must Have” RPG and 5e Tool set for the DM who wants to design an immersive battle map as fast as possible! Dungeon Craft: Volume 1 has exactly what the DM needs to design their custom world to roleplay and adventure in. Inside is instant access to terrain, buildings, treasure, critters, and trees. With amazing full-color art, the DM can craft endless encounters in the wilderness, towns, dungeons, and more. There are flagons, wagons, and dragons! Dungeon Craft is a box of endless possibilities containing 1000 reversible terrain pieces, monsters, and NPCs that can be cut out and placed on any battle map with a one-inch grid. The pages are durable cardstock with a laminate coating to make the pages water-resistant and dry/wet-erase. Also, everything is reversible for added content and context. One moment, the party’s tent is fine. One flaming arrow from an orc, flip the tent, and it is an inferno. Fully compatible with City and Grassland Map Packs!
Sale price€46,95 EUR
NordicDice Accessories, bøger etc Dungeon Craft - Volume 1
Dungeon Craft - Volume 1 Sale price€46,95 EUR