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Dungeon Craft - Hell & High Water Book

Whether you're trying to cross the seas or navigate the depths of Hell, the Hell & High Water book has everything you need to bring your adventure to life! This book contains 880 carefully designed terrain pieces, monsters and humanoids.

Explore the seas with 20 different boats to help you navigate. You can float around in a dingy, or control the seas with your own flotilla! Complete with docks, islands and coral reefs, you can move seamlessly from land to sea, ready to encounter anything. As you traverse the waters, shock and awe your players with whirlpools, sunken shipwrecks, and deadly sharks. If your players are really lucky, you can even grace them with a dragon turtle to fight!

On the other side of our specially designed reversible pieces, hell awaits. Brimming with sinister denizens and war-filled weapons, you'll find battlefields filled with death and destruction. Your players can navigate the depths of hell on giant siege engines and soul-powered helicopters, designed specifically for these ruined landscapes. When they arrive at the lava rivers, there are even bone rafts ready to help them navigate through the molten terrain.

Infinite environments with a simple cut and flip!

Pieces can be cut out and placed on any battle card with a one inch grid. The pages are durable cardboard with a laminate coating to make the pages water-resistant and dry/wet-erase.
Sale price€41,95 EUR Regular price€43,95 EUR
NordicDice Accessories, bøger etc Dungeon Craft - Hell & High Water Book
Dungeon Craft - Hell & High Water Book Sale price€41,95 EUR Regular price€43,95 EUR