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Splash Mud Textures - GREY 30ml

Matte acrylic texture for splash mud effects developed to create extreme realism. Texturizes and colors the surface, apply projected or splatter for more realism. It can be diluted with water or an acrylic thinner to modify its fluidity.This paste has a semi-liquid consistency, suitable for representing surfaces splattered or stained with mud on a diorama, vehicles in a diorama, or vignette bases. It can be easily projected with a brush, a toothbrush with a quick movement of the hand, or with the help of an airbrush. Dries in 2-10 minutes depending on the thickness of the application. Water-soluble. Tools can be cleaned with water. Contains 1 bottle of 30ml textured paste

Salgspris€6,95 EUR
NordicDice Tekstur maling Splash Mud Textures - GREY 30ml
Splash Mud Textures - GREY 30ml Salgspris€6,95 EUR