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The Army Painter - Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0

Designed and developed with the hobby community, Speedpaint now includes 90 colours, industry-first one-coat metallics, and an advanced formulation for speed and performance that meets the demands of painters of all skill levels.

Simply apply one coat of Speedpaint directly over a white primed miniature and you are done! The Speedpaint will instantly create intense shading, vibrant colour, and a highlight effect in one application.

Speedpaint 2.0 is also a great solution for fast basecoats! Once your Speedpaint has dried, you can begin highlighting with acrylic paints in minutes, not hours. Thanks to its speed, ease of use, and vibrant colour - this versatile range of paints will no-doubt help you get more time for gaming.

Salgspris€42,95 EUR
NordicDice The Army Painter - Speedpaint Starter Set
The Army Painter - Speedpaint Starter Set 2.0 Salgspris€42,95 EUR