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Dungeon master journal

3 Journals to help you plan and execute your next campaign! The Campaign Journal provides a space for you to craft your new world while the Session Journal gives you a simple and efficient way to keep track of each session.

1 x Campaign Journal
2 x Session Journal

The Campaign Journal

This journal is the GM's ultimate world-building tool. Inside, you'll find sections for World Maps, Factions, Locations, NPCs, even a section for creating your own pantheon of gods. Included in each Campaign Journal are 6 blank maps. The can be used as the layout for villages, towns, or cities in your game. Name them and bring them to life, it's your world, we just provided the framework.

The Session Journal

While the Campaign Journal is for meant macro-level world-building, the Session Journal is meant for micro-level game building. Prep for your next game night with an efficient easy to use notebook that has sections for creatures, notes, and maps. The Session journal is a blank slate designed to help your creative juices flow. 

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Dungeon master journal Salgspris€27,95 EUR