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Article: Guide to D&D

Guide til D&D

Guide to D&D

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a popular and classic fantasy role-playing game where players assume the role of characters in a fictional world. The game is designed to give players the freedom to make their own decisions and control their characters' actions in the game. The game is controlled by a Game Master (GM), who describes the world and the challenges the characters face.

The first step to starting a D&D game is to gather a group of friends who are interested in playing the role-playing game. Then you have to choose a game leader who can guide you through the game and decide which setting you want to play in. There are many different settings to choose from, from the classic world of the Forgotten Realms to more modern or science fiction inspired worlds (SpellJammers ).

The next step is to create the characters from the book "Player's Handbook". Each player must choose a class (eg warrior, mage or thief) and race (eg human, elf or dragonborn) for their character. They must also choose abilities and skills for their character and give them a unique backstory. There are many classes and races to choose from, allowing players to tailor their character to their own preferences.

Once the characters are created, the game can begin. The Game Master describes scenarios and conflicts, and the players decide how their characters react. They can fight monsters, solve puzzles and cooperate with NPCs (non-player characters) to achieve their goals.

D&D is a complex game with many rules and options, and it can take time to learn how to play it. But once you get the hang of it, it can be extremely fun and rewarding. The game also involves the use of dice, such as d20 dice, to determine the character's success in various situations.

There are also many online resources that can help learn the game and provide inspiration for campaigns and characters. So if you're interested in trying D&D, gather a group of friends and start your own fantasy journey using dice!

You don't need much to start dnd. We recommend starting with the following materials.

Starter kit for 5 players:
1x Player's Handbook
1x Dungeon Master's Guide
5x full set of dice (7 pcs) - one dice set for each player
Pencil and eraser + character sheet

You can find books in: 

You can find dice here: 

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